press - electronic music


press is robin smith. out of press comes a broad range of electronica, techno, indie, electro. It's ecclectic. It's good. robin started playing drums in various bands, eventually incorporating electronics before eventually moving into a studio production setting, still incorporating drumming as well as many other instruments, synths, and sample techniques. Enjoy streaming .mp3 files from the player above.


forthcoming: "Breakout" ep on Lens Records. Look for it in the chilly winter/spring '08

forthcoming: split 12" with emulsion -- press side: keep it down | breakout - emulsion side: smeared bus window (strategy remix) | smeared bus window (press remix)

tunetank compilation
'keep it down' will be featured on a tunetank electro comp

ahab rex
press remixes mr. rock n' roll

bowie tribute '.2 contamination'
press cover of 'sound and vision' by david bowie out on ftc records chicago

fine art of a white label ep
Press' first domestic release on chicago label lens records. for more info visit

drunken stoolie self release
cdr of three quirky tracks

damage manual remix disc
press remixed 'king mob' for a damage manual remix cd on invisible records

bazaar 12"
12" white label featuring 3 tracks by press distributed to uk djs


pressrobin at gmail dot com